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Technology Developments that Will Revolutionise the Gaming Industry



The gaming industry has undergone constant evolution, making it disrupt itself year after year. Every year, new technologies are evident in the gaming industry, especially the video gaming sector. The newly introduced technologies aim to maximise the endemic value of entertainment which is held in games. It also aims at creating the immersive and participatory experiences for such audiences which seek the novel experiences.

With the increased forward marching of the technologies, there is an alteration in the manners in which marketers, the advertisers as well as the brands takes advantage of the enhanced engagement of the viewers across different platforms and screens. Following this improvement of the video games industry, it is vital to understand some of the newest technological developments in the industry which, when implemented, can completely change the sector.


The Immersive Gaming Technologies

The immersive gaming techniques such as the introduction of the Oculus Rift and Microsoft illumniRoom can storm the industry here. The oculus rift, for instance, is an exciting trend which tends to return the forgotten head-mounted displays. Even though the head-mounted virtual reality consoles have achieved the least success in the past, this new technology in the gaming industry aims to alter that notion by providing the viewers with 110 viewing degrees.

It also strives towards achieving an ultralow latency head tracking system as well as an immersive stereoscopic 3D rendering abilities. The use of the VR headsets can also improve quality in this technology for better outcomes in other companies.

The illumniRoom from Microsoft is another of the immersive technology in the gaming industry. In its part, it tends to expand the experience of the viewer by trying to utilise the appearance and the geometry of your living room to project games to the walls as well as the furniture which surrounds the TV. This technology has changed homes into digital environments based on the type of games being played.


The Multi-Screen Gaming Technologies

The multi-screen gaming technology is a newly introduced technology in the video gaming industry that occurs in three distinct ways. Wii U, the Sony cross play and the smart glass are some of the forms in which this technology occur.

The Wii U, for instance, gives room for the controlling of the game using the built-in touch screen with various applications in various games. Therefore, it provides gamers with an opportunity to perform multiple tasks while playing their favourite games without having to pose them.

Smart glass also tends to issue you with the same functions as the Wii U’s gamepad. It performs secondary tasks via a compatible mobile gadget of your desire. The smart glass can be used both as an in the game device as a remote in the navigation of the Xbox dashboard while in use.

The Sony cross play, on the other hand, is a truly revolutionary development in the gaming industry, more particularly in the multi-screenplay. This technology is applicable in the Sony play station three and tends to resume the playing in the Sony’s PlayStation Vita. It, therefore, gives you room to pose the PS3 and continue with the Vita while you are doing other tasks.

The Cloud Gaming Technologies

Cloud gaming is undoubtedly the most exciting and exciting gaming technology that has ever emerged. It is a game changer to the future of the gaming industry. It leverages the availability of faster, as well as more efficient and reliable connections of the internet.

As such, it allows gamers to stream the games through videos as well as other file streaming techniques with a lot more ease. Some of the technologies under this revolutionary gaming technology include file streaming and video streaming, both of which are vital for the industry’s development.


The Modular Computers Gaming Technology

This technology aims ate simplifying the PC upgrading for Savvy’s, which are non-technological. The concept of computer modular gaming technology is based on a tower that tends to accommodate ports for the type of every modular element.

Some of the elements include hard drives and graphics cards. The modular concepts give room for the gamers to arrange the components correctly in specific orientations hence adding a high level of customisation to the PC games.



The future of the gaming industry looks brighter than ever, with the availability of these technologies. The availability and integration of the VR and artificial intelligence in the techniques is an advantage to the development of the industry. This is because, it will be possible for the two technologies, with a combination of the ones mentioned above, to move the video gaming industry an extra mile in terms of development and excitement. The gaming industry is headed in the right direction. Thanks to the increased innovation and invention in the sector.